Am I gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Are you gay? Forgot your password? Dispel the myths. If you're attracted to both the sexes, then you can be bisexual. I look at girls the same way I do guys.

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  • This sometimes is described as being asexual. And the public is conflicted about how the rising share of gays and lesbians raising children is affecting society.
  • How do I come out to my girlfriend of many years?
  • In the past, this was a negative term for people who are gay. Ward stresses that not all straight-identifying men who have sex with men are bisexual or closeted, and we do a disservice if we force those words on them.
  • Do your research and do what feels right.
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The only definite way to prevent STIs is to not have oral, anal, or vaginal sex. The survey was conducted April , , and administered online, a survey mode that research indicates tends to produce more honest answers on a range of sensitive topics than do other less anonymous modes of survey-taking.

They have more mixed views of the Jewish religion and mainline Protestant churches, with fewer than half of LGBT adults describing those religions as unfriendly, one-in-ten describing each of them as friendly and the rest saying they are neutral.

It took me until my second year of college to figure out my sexuality.

Am I gay, lesbian or bisexual?
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