Couples gays Savoie

Cc tt le monde! Homme de 30 ans. Je suis casanier. Homme de 31 ans. On me ditsensuel, chaleureux, abordable.

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Couples gays Savoie

But before the case could reach its conclusion, the decision was mooted when voters adopted a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Here is proof, they cried, that Phyllis Schlafly was right; give women equality and soon everyone will be asking for it.

But at the end of the war, feminists found themselves split against one another and their erstwhile allies, male abolitionists, over the 14th Amendment, which on the one hand promised "equal protection" to all citizens, while on the other introduced the word "male" into the Constitution and established certain legal rights based solely on gender -- namely the right to vote.

Text by: RFI. But that is the point. We can ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, the argument implies, and still feel free to keep discriminating against gays.

Couples gays Savoie
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