Gay like After Class

After Class is an NSFW, gay, furry visual novel focused on the relationship between the main character you and the people you meet. Duration minutes. Cause before the last update it wasnt like this.

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Gay like After Class

We should make ourselves seen and heard. After all, if a student does not tolerate bullying against someone who is LGBT, they are more likely to not tolerate bullying against all people. Recently, though, I realized the same need for representation in the classroom of first-generation college students — representation of those of us from the working class.

What I was most surprised to learn in that meeting was that nearly everyone present reported that their working-class status had had a greater impact on their experience as undergraduates — for some of them, on their entire lives — than did any other aspect of their identity, including race, gender and sexual orientation.

I, therefore, had no choice but to treat this as an opportunity to get an even bigger story out there about how bullying and slurs are unacceptable and use this as a teachable moment. Topics Class issues.

Gay like After Class
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